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It’s dark in here, way down inside of you. But I can feel you breathing.

I’ve been here 4 months now. And each day I grow bigger, stronger.

When you eat, you eat for two.
Nutrients, vitamins, Thiamin, Riboflavin, B6, B12, Pantothenic Acid.
Everything a growing girl needs. You give me these without question.
I never ask. I never need to. You just seem to know.
An extra bagel here, a second kiwi fruit there.
We’re all part of the same circuit. The same system. We’re a team. Two living as one.

Its so safe down here. I am the keep in your castle. The calm, protected hub. Nothing can touch me. As you trip and fall running for the Number 7, and curse your heels, and people fuss and flap around you like gulls, I don’t panic. I barely notice the cushioned jolt.

How long I’ll be your guest I don’t know. But I feel I’ve seen more than I’m going to in here.
We should make the most of it. Our time together.

I think back to the early days when you slept long and deep. I could feel your lungs slowly rise and fall.
Inhale. Stop.
Exhale. stop.
A perfect mantra.

But now you’re an old scratched 78 vinyl, jumping and looping through the night. Your diaphragm vibrates me with every cough and splutter.
I wonder what's wrong. Is it something I did? Something I said?

It’s 4 short months since we first met. At that little Sushi bar in Soho. Highly recommended, you said, 5 stars in ‘Wine and Dine’.
It's 4 short months Since you ate the Sake Sashimi, and swallowed down the salmon I once called home.

My fortunes changed for the better that day.
A happy, happy accident.

And now, every hour, while I grow bigger, stronger, longer; you begin to fade.
You’ve been like a mother to me.
The perfect host.

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