We No Longer Knew Who We Were is an EP by Liars, released on September 8, 2002 but originally was three demo tracks from December 2000. It was released on CD and a 12" vinyl, of which only one side was used. Two record companies called Hand Held Heart and Sound Virus produced the record together. As the demo tracks were made before They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top, they're heavy on the rhythm. In fact, the record opens with the bass groove and drum intro of Pat Noecker and Ron Albertson, who are now ex-Liars.

"We Got Cold Coughed and Forgot Things" is delightful mix of a nice bassline mixed with a noisy guitar on top. It doesn't even try to be anything more than that and singing, all instruments having their time in the sound. Guaranteed to have your head bobbing. "You Know I Hate Stupid Phones" is more repetitive and a short track of two minutes with a guitar to emulate a phone. "Every Two Hours With a Ducks Fan" is a clean end to the short EP. I recommend buying They Threw Us first and checking We No Longer Knew Who We Were out if you liked it, but I can't say you've missed much if you haven't got it.

liars: "We no Longer Knew Who We Were" ep
1 We got cold, coughed and forgot things.
2 You know I hate stupid phones.
3 Every two hours with a Ducks fan.


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