2018 Nov 27

10 minutes: Twice as nice.

They both showed up. We were only looking to hire one teacher for the position. I guess they were both looking for work, and we could negotiate similar contracts with the both of them.

They could fill out our roster quite nicely. Both well-qualified, respectable histories, poised, dignified. They would help lend an air of elegance to our institute. Perfect for suburban parents looking to spend their disposable income on some classy education for their kids, looking to add extra bullet points to their college applications no doubt.

Not something we could actually advertise of course.

It was just unspoken that they were getting more than just a few lessons from our teachers. They were getting points that could possibly boost the future earning potential of their kids.

But our new hires were ready. Both had teaching experience before. That was a plus. Orientation was minimal. We didn't have any huge systems in place to learn. Just show up, be on time, be nice to the kids, wait for their hour or half hour to finish, then send them on their way. A pat on the back for another day of good work, training the next generation to take our places, though no doubt most of these parents were probably dreaming of med school or law school for their kids.

We were just an extracurricular activity. Good for padding a college application, but not to be taken too seriously.

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