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In the neverending battle against the forces of denseness, the warriors of the bright need any weapons they can get their hands on. These weapons are commonly known as LARTs, or Luser Attitude Readjustment Tools. The most famous of the LARTs is the mighty clue-by-four, a great club used to bring enlightenment to aggressively clueless people.

As is the case with all arms races however, the Idiots have fought back, learning to protect their ego with a Wall of Delusion. This wall, a variation on the standard Wall of Stupid, deflects even the mighty clue-by-four with ease. Even the most forceful truth can not get through to a devout dumbass.

All is not lost, however, as reseachers in Nova Scotia, working out of desparation as the bastion of stupidity that is Cape Breton grew in strength, have created a new LART.

They have dubbed it The Crowbar of Stark Reality, and it is specially designed to counteract delusion in all its forms. While exceptionally useful in penetrating the defenses of Idiots, tearing down Walls of Delusion in a matter of moments, it can do no real harm beyond leaving the Luser open for attack with other LARTs.

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