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Cream of the Cool

"I'm only a freak by the standards I reject."
--a hustler

"It's not so much I'm scared of the police. I'm scared of the junkies."
--A dealer

"What is that? Fuckin' Spider-man? I'm talkin' serious. Life. It's not all shit and dope. People do things."
--a junkie

By the early 1970s, it…

Local to me they've imposed additional measures, or additional half-measures, due to the resurgence of the pandemic. We're not quite an Ontario hot spot for COVID-19, we're not Toronto, but we're not doing as well as, say, the north or some of the more rural areas. So, we shall call these half-measures, regardless of the premier's urgent tone.

And overall we're in better shape, at least psychologically, than the United States.…





It is a new century,  a new Electronic world,  yet 

There are still Lighthouses 


There are no more Telephone poles,  yet

there are still Carillon


Letters are sent out, undelivered and unreturned 

personal notes that never arrive 


We want to connect, to both talk and listen

sending our voices into the darkness…

This one is kind of complicated to explain. Tuesday, January 5th, held the last election of the 2020 election cycle. Most states use a first past the post, plurality-wins voting system. Georgia, for its own reasons, has a system, where, if no candidate clears a 50% threshold when the rest of the country votes on the Tuesday in the first full week of November, the election than goes to a run-off, which in this case was scheduled for January. In addition, Georgia was in the rare situation of…