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Wel"kin (?), n. [OE. welken, welkene, welkne, wolcne, weolcne, AS. wolcen, pl. wolcnu, a cloud; akin to D. wolk, OFries. wolken, OS. wolkan, G. wolke, OHG. wolchan, and probably to G. welk withered, OHG. welc moist, Russ. & OSlav. vlaga moisture, Lith. vilgyti to moisten.]

The visible regions of the air; the vault of heaven; the sky.

On the welkne shoon the sterres lyght. Chaucer.

The fair welkin foully overcast. Spenser.

When storms the welkin rend. Wordsworth.

⇒ Used adjectively by Shakespeare in the phase, "Your welkin eye," with uncertain meaning.


© Webster 1913.

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