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In Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead (and the movie adaptation The Thirteenth Warrior), a rationalization of the Beowulf saga, the Wendols are a group of primitive Cro-Magnon-like warriors of great ability who terrorize King Hrothgar's village. They are spoken of in legend and it is usually frowned upon to say their name openly. They dress in bear skins and body paint when attacking and take their dead with them after battle. They also are fond of taking the heads of those they have slain. These sort of tactics have the lead the Vikings to believe they are "beasts" or "demons" and not human.

This group of people is Crichton's rationalization for Grendel, the dragon. The name "wendols" itself can probably be traced back to the Vandals, the name of one of the barbaric Teutonic tribes responsible for the downfall of Rome.

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