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Either they've spread, there's more than 1 of them or they're a multi-national corporation. Westfield in the past decade bought out a lot of the shopping malls in the San Gabriel Valley, they also seem to enjoy naming them all "Westfield Shoppingtown + Name of City." Case in point...the West Covina Fashion Plaza changed to "The Plaza at West Covina" and finally in its current form, "Westfield Shoppingtown: West Covina" when the former owners sold the property about 3-4 years ago.

Funny thing is...no one around here wants to call it that. It's still "The Plaza," around here. Who wants to call it "Westfield Shoppingtown?" Bleeeeh. (At least they've left the Eastland, another West Covina shopping center's name alone...then again it's not really a shopping mall anymore)

In the United States, there are (as of this writing) 39 malls mentioned on their Web site, www.shoppingtown.com. Almost half of those are in California, and five are in the St. Louis, Missouri area. The remainder are scattered about the east coast and the Pacific Northwest of the States.

Thanks to Augusta for convincing me to continue my research: Yes, the Sydney Shoppingtowns are related. The American ones are owned by Westfield America, which is a division of The Westfield Group, which is based in Australia. (Again, all information gleaned from their Web site, and a bit of digging around.)

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