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What you see may not be true, the parts of myself I allow to slide through my tight composure are by no means accidental. The me you are seeing is not necessarily me, and the me you see is probably all you will see at this point.
All you see is pretense
yet you linger with hopes.
you have found my reality,
there is nothing more.
Be charming, flirtatious, annoying, you will get no more out of me than that which I have given. Persistence may pay off eventually, but it is not persistent nagging that will have any effect, rather solid steady presence. Hanging around with the idea I may give you more, no. This is my reality, this is the me you are going to see. Anything else will take time time time, and I am not going to tell you. Instead I will tell you my favorite lie: there is nothing more here, move along.
Poem is part of the Poetry in Motion at Poetry.com project.
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