Everyone's got something: Yahoo, AOL IM, MSN, ICQ, Odigo, Imici... and no matter how you try to block the messages from random fruitcakes out there on the internet, there's no way of completely avoiding it. It's like hotmail, you're always going to get some kind of crap. Especially if your screen name suggests any kind of a hint of being a female. But certainly, the most annoying aspect is when you are at work, your boss over your shoulder, and a message from "romanceforyou" pops up on your screen asking if you are interested in cyber sex. Well, before you close down the IM, take a second... look at the expression on your boss's face, and tell them to wait just a minute. And hell, if you don't have someone over your shoulder, grab the guy in the next cube over, or just entertain yourself...

I keep a txt document in a fairly convenient location, and just copy and paste the following message into the IM. And you watch, that person will now "appear to be offline". And there's one less troll out there because you just scared the shit out of him.

Yes, I am a bastard. But this is fun.

This is the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Under United States Code, Chapter 18 – Crimes and Criminal Procedure, Part 1 – Crimes, Chapter 110 - Sexual Exploitation and Other Abuse of Children, Sec. 2256, you are currently being issued a warrant for solicitation of a juvenile based on discussions in an Internet Chat Room which contain 'sexually explicit conduct'. Your IP is being traced and local authorities will be at your door shortly. Please refrain from leaving the area.

tee hee hee

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