The queen has been overthrown. Our soldiers are in disarray.

The partisans of Rain are making a play. Starr and the Eternal Sun have already declared Rain under their protection.

We do not know who Starr brings with him. There may be cracks in Eternal Sun that we can exploit. Their house may yet be divided.

A few knights declaring loyalty to Rain does not worry us, but we fear they are setting a dangerous example. They are attracting the attention of more powerful families. We are trying to contain them.

The Lady of the Eternal Sun is bringing Lord Raye. His loyalty is unsure but he will declare for Rain if there were no other pressure on him. His troops would make Rain our primary threat, but Raye's loyalties are split. We may yet scatter the forces trying to work against us. If we can convince Lady Raye to challenge Rain, it may be over for them both.


We feared parts of the Radiant Paths would declare for Rain, but their representatives have been missing for two weeks. We want them away and uninvolved but they may yet reappear as reinforcements.

Lady Kalphen would be a formidable threat. Her communication with Rain is restricted by distance, but we have reason to believe her loyalties are clear. We hope to disrupt their coordination by attacking their communication lines. Her forces isolated from the larger army would be much more vulnerable. She may yet throw her support behind a more local challenger. We will be watching developments on the plateau carefully.

The Kiteriders are also making a play for Rain. They do not fully trust her yet but may begin coordinating movements regardless. The Kiteriders do have torn loyalties, but they move as one. It may yet be possible to force them to act alone.

Other challengers have emerged. We cannot discount them all. Our agents are attempting to have them draw away some of Rain's supporters, although not so many that they become an even bigger threat.

We may yet be able to restore the Monarchy. We may have lost too much of the countryside to neglect, but our agents can still be counted on for their loyalty. We can still bring this home.

God save the Queen.


The situation is deteriorating. Rain is allowing split loyalties. Armies have been protecting both Rain and one or more other challengers.

This is not the traditional upstarts we're used to fighting. They have no clear command and control. Our agents cannot find weaknesses in their structure. But it will be done. They do not have our resources. Not yet. We cannot allow the cowardly among us to mutiny. They must believe we will prevail. If they do not, then we will surely perish.

Rain's allies are many, but they lack our discipline. They have difficulties operating with split loyalties. We must exploit their inexperience. The longer this drags on, the more they will learn. We cannot allow that. Their recruitment scouts have begun acting independently. We will stop them. We must stop them.

God save the Queen.


Nothing is sure. Our fabric is frayed. We cannot be sure who we can trust.

Too many units have abandoned us, using treachery to save their own skins. Even long-serving agents have turned, despite the decades of comfort we provided them.

We watch our backs daily. We resort to using the inexperienced in surveillance. We cannot be sure their reports are reliable.

We never know when our own weapons will be turned against us. I fear only God can save the queen.


This is the end. I do not pledge my life. I should have seen this coming months ago. I should have left much earlier. May the victors have mercy on my soul.

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