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This is a relatively new tarot deck, although it took 10 years to create. It features modern interpretations of ancient themes while continuing tarot traditions.

Major Arcana

- The cards retain the same names but are unnumbered.
- Differences include: an old woman as the High Priestess, Strength riding the lion, and the Lovers as androgenous (although i think its the same two boys from the Sun card).
- There are a lot of hidden symbols in the cards, so they are very good for meditation purposes, although the clutter does tend to confuse divination.
- An example of one interesting card: the Devil features an antlered man riding a donkey with two autumn colored trees in the background. In front of his crotch on the donkey, sits a basket with a cucumber and two tomatoes in just the right position. Now if that doesn't fit the Devil card I don't know what does.

Minor Arcana

- The cards are numbered the same as usually, with only the "court cards" featuring humans.
- The court cards are labeled knight, prince, princess, and queen, much like the original Thoth deck.
-Very multi-cultural and technology friendly - the cards range from Indian sword dancers, to scientists, to smoke stacks.
-Very colorful, each card is bordered in the color of their opposite in the elemental scheme. (ex. water has red, fire has blue). The elements used in the deck also follow traditional tarot configs, with staves(wands) as fire and swords as air.

If you purchase the set, it comes with a quite thorough book that provides new insights into the original tarot meanings and symbolisms. The author is quite knowledgable about the entire field and has spent much time (10 years) working on the deck. I highly recommend it to any tarot enthusiast.

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