Not factual, but rather, a work of philosophy twaddle.

I had a conversation that would blow your mind. A women so smart she could almost anticipate your thoughts and yet still remained complete above what was being said. It started innocently enough but quickly headed towards deep waters. We talked about being totally transparent yet there were layers within layers. She understood and followed but was so totally open that she ended up leading me into territories that were completely unknown. I had never had a conversation like it.

Our speech was rapid, almost unintelligible. However, the content was slow. We kept revolving about the most central of concepts. The intensity grew exponentially, until, I finally contrived an exit. I was totally over my head, and, at the same time, was as comfortable as floating on an inner tube. It was mind bending. My meta-circuits where totally overwhelmed. She followed every nuance with little or not effort. I had met a titan.

I’m no slouch. I can follow the most intricate, the most logical, the most profound of conversations but here and now, I was total lost. And that was the beginning of my rediscovery of what I knew and, yet, did not know.

What I know is ancient. It is a primal instinct into the most base of human knowledge. I was leading and then I was following. I was teacher and then student. The moment was more than intense it was ... complete.

It became inconsequential what was said. Moreover, irrelevant. We moved from level to level with an ease and grace that I have never experienced. Our thoughts and words became the pivot upon which the world turned.

In the end, I could not sustain the moment. I broke and from that moment flowed a million other moments. Time had stopped in its tracks and the reactions of the observers was cold. Total disbelief. No one would meet my gaze. It was as if I had committed the greatest sin. Total personal exposure like I had taken my clothes off and stood naked for all to see.

In time, the social dynamics returned to their static equilibrium. I was entertaining and she returned to her social obligations. But, for a moment, a very brief moment, we changed the world. We looked beyond ourselves and found a world wanting. Wanting of a higher understanding of reality. Moving beyond the self and seeing the world from another’s point of view. Like climbing a mountain to see the surrounding terrain.

An effort, for sure, but ... a worth while view. It was a strange and beautiful thing to step, for a moment, outside oneself and see the glorious vista beyond.

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