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When the ocean fell
to earth in love with all of us,
cometary snowfall melted
in our warm breath.

All around us now
rises life-laden steam
dancing a tango
a waltz and a mazurka
all at once because we are here
now after all this time.

Ancient microbe lineage calls us nieces and nephews,
urging us to dance, here in our moment.

Trees dance beside us, shake their branches
down to the roots
press their leaves to our lips
fill our lungs with a kiss so soft
we feel it only in our minds, but so real,
we would swear
we can taste the sweet moss.

Our laughter repays the gift of breath
a thousand fold, so we spend it freely,
and we won't run out.

When tears come,
we let them join the dance.
They are no reason to stop.

We know the laughter will be back,
and soon.

original poem, written by undead

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