Where's Rabbi Waxman

Where's Rabbi Waxman is a controversial 1996 religous tract by Jack Chick. I will be rewording or summarizing everything in this tract (To avoid any copyright problems, I will however use the Bible quotes as is). I am not going to provide any commentary at all. I will leave any rebuttal or commentary up to someone else (Religion is not my strongest area).

The scene opens with Rabbi Waxman at his kitchen table, he is very ill. His friend Nathan comes to visit him. Nathan shows Waxman a paper with the sections of the Hebrew scriptures that predict the coming of the Messiah. The Rabbi rebukes Nathan's ideas (only then to look at the paper). The Rabbi thinks that accepting those scriptures would cause his own people to disown him.

The Rabbi soon gets sicker. He goes to the hospital and soon dies. At his funeral one woman says, "Nobody deserves heaven more than he did".

The scene opens with Waxman standing before his maker to be Judged.
For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or rather it be evil. Eccl 12:14

The Lord Is Rabbi Waxman in the book of life?

Archangel No, he has died in his sins.
For there is not a just man upon earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not. Eccl 7:20

Waxman goes on to argue with the Lord. Telling him that he is one of the chosen, and singing of his won good deeds. The Lord rebukes him, and tells him that he sent Nathan to him with the truth (but Waxman only rejected the truth). The Lord (as Jesus now), tells Waxman that he is the only way to Heaven, and all that reject him are doomed. He goes on to show Waxman all of the places in the scripture that show Jesus is the messiah. He tells Rabbi Waxman that it is too late for him.

Meanwhile down on earth. Nathan accepts Jesus into his heart, lives 40 more years. He dies, stands before the Lord, and is accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven.

The tract closes by saying that Jesus was not just a Jewish Carpenter, but the creator of everything. That he fullfilled Jewish Law perfectly, and he wants you to put your trust in him.

The last page is the same as in all Chick Tracts. It is a quick instruction manual on how to let Jesus into your life.

Well there it is. I tried to be totally impartial in noding this. Feel free to node your own commentary.

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