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A classic acid house record by Bam Bam, whose real name Chris Westbrook. It was released in 1988 on Westbrook Records, and re-released frequently since (most recently in 2001 with Bam Bam's only other classic 'Give it to Me').

It is unusual and interesting for being extremely menacing and mysterious, although it is often forgotten that most early acid house sounded surprisingly dark, given the vast amounts of ecstacy induced at the time - the song consists of a minimalist three-note tune with a deep voice intoning the lyrics 'Where's your child?', 'All alone, nowhere to be found', 'People don't like to be... left alone... especially when they don't know right from wrong' repeatedly, over the sounds of babies crying and glasses smashing. Captain Beefheart did not dance, but his beat lives on.

Presumably the song is a terrible choise to listen to whilst on LSD.

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