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“On a certain island (Manhattan), the inhabitants are divided into two types, those who always tell the truth and those who always lie. One day a visitor stops three inhabitants of the island to ask directions to a well-known museum (The Guggenheim). “All three of us are liars,” warns the first inhabitant, “Not so; only two of us are liars,” says the second. “Not so,” says the third, “the other two guys are lying.” Which, if any, of the three islanders can the visitor trust to give honest directions?"

This is one of those logic questions. I have always liked this type of questions. They are more like a game to me than anything else. Imagine my surprise when I encounter this problem in my math book while I was doing my math homework. Then I started to ask all my friends this question. Some of them answered it correctly, some of them guessed wrong, and some of them told me that the visitor should just go buy a map

Answer to Who's telling the truth

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