hosted by Bill Clinton

Clinton voice-over as each candidate's image is shown in a video montage:

"Americans, tired of the same old boring two party system? Would you like more variety, more choices in who you would like to elect President? Well this Fall, look out Washington!

"For the next four months, these twelve Presidential hopefuls will live together in this two story house with no radio, only one telephone, and no television. That's right, no TV! They have to learn to get along, manage the house budget, resolves sometimes hostile conflicts with neighbors--" (film changes to show angry people banging at the door, flaming bags of dog poo on the front porch) "-- and resolve their own health care problems."

(Film shows clips of candidates arguing with one another)

"Each week they'll face difficult challenges, like selling lemonade,--" (Film clip shows two of them at a lemonade stand by the street) --"cleaning the bathroom, and being a substitute teacher at a local school for a day!" (Film clip shows one standing in front of a classroom of small children). "Every week one candidate will be impeached for not performing up to snuff and voted out of office by you, the viewer at the polls, until only one candidate remains, and that contestant will be the next President of the United States of America. The runner-up will be Vice President."

(Film clips shows the back of one of the candidates, in shadow, with one hand up and one on a Bible, and a big graphical question mark over them.)

"There will be twists, turns, and surprise guest appearances--" (Film clip shows a woman waltzing in through the front door with her face blacked out but a body that looks like Monica Lewinsky's) "--will keep all the candidates in temptation and you at the edge of your couch! And don't miss the episode where Saddam Hussein comes to live with them for a week! Ratings -- and tempers -- will surely go through the roof!"

(Film clip shows Saddam sitting on the couch drinking beer and eating Cheetos as the candidates stand around and look upon him in disdain.)

"Sparks will fly, tears will fall -- as well as pants! -- and honor will rise as each candidate tries to prove him or herself is the best choice for leader of the Free World! No costly campaigns or tv commercials are needed as each candidate gets equal exposure. Tune in each week to see the drama, the perils, and the comedy--" (Film clip shows candidates in an emotional match of Pictionary) "-- as each of these twelve candidates--" (images of each candidate shown again)"-- vie to be the next President of the USA!"

Coming in Fall 2008 only on FOX!

Then stay tuned for the spin-off, My Big Fat Obnoxious Dictator starring that loveable Presidential home-wrecker Saddam Hussein! Again, only on FOX!

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