This always happens.

Something was broken, so we stopped. But soon you'll start missing me. Your heart will calm down enough to give us another try. We'll hang out. And then you'll feel the chemistry once more. Your body will ache for mine. You'll cry over my hesitance to grasp you and make things right. You'll seek me out and get impatient for me to rush into another relationship with you. And when I do, you'll lunge at me. Your lips will press against mine as though my kisses are a drug. I'll feel the tension melt away from your body as I hold you. You'll rush your hands passionately over my face, around my body, and struggle to free us both from our clothing. Things will be fine for a while until you realize again that something's missing. Something big. Something that suggests to you that we're an impossibility. Because each time, the same thing is missing. And once again you push me away. But each time we repeat this.

We always rush from being apart to being very serious. Maybe that's why something's missing? You can't deny that you feel things for me. You can't deny that you see the potential. Because all of the excuses you give at the end of each cycle contradict what you say when I get cautious about the start of the next one. Maybe we need to not rush so much, and explore everything between rejection and commitment that we keep skipping over? Maybe we keep forgetting to become really good friends before we fuck? Why do you wait so long to try that out? Why won't you give that a chance sooner rather than later?

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