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The Internet will, potentially, in the future be viewed as another paradigm shift in the world, right alongside the first man on the moon, and the invention of the cotton gin.

But I doubt it.

See, humanity now has at its fingertips the power to communicate with almost anyone in the world. To build strong bonds between nationalities, and show everyone that folks from other countries are basically just like us. We can learn things not easily accessible to us previously. Whole languages are at your fingertips to learn. You can buy everything you need without leaving home, and you can keep in touch with your friends and family, no matter their location.

We use it to make "Mr. T Ate My Balls" pages.


We create "Smack a celebrity" sites.

This is a sad sad statement on humankind. Its almost depressing. But I honestly see Everything to be a potential bright spot in this bleary mess. Amoungst the trolling, the nodevertising, and the blatant ass-kissing for up-votes, theres that occasional nugget. The one gleaming bit of intelligent content that makes the endless surf through Everything worth all the time I spend.

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