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The word fuck is very harsh, and we tend to use it primarily in offensive situations in a negative connotation.

But fuck, removed from our slanderous mindset is a very wonderful word. It makes so many things possible. And we know this, we just don’t think others feel the same way. I mean, who doesn’t come home from a tiring and stressful day of school and/or work and think “I just wanna fuck!!” And then, if you’re a man, you see your girl or your partner, and they have the same thoughts, and they say, “Hey, baby, let's fuck!!” And then you start fucking, and it’s wonderful, because you are fucking and nothing else, you are fucking freely and as wildly as you want. On bottom they are screamingFuck me! Fuck me!” And on top you are fucking faster and harder, fucking the living shit out of your partner, fucking beyond all remorse, because in that moment, fucking is the only thing that matters. And that’s why fuck is beautiful. It makes sex good because it makes it violent and primal.

But even though we know it, and we all do it, we still don’t talk about it. I don’t know what we are afraid of. God died along time ago, God is probably fucking as we speak. Right now we can just fuck and feel good about it.

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