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Wild Honey Pie

The Beatles
The Beatles (The White Album)

This little ditty was recorded on August 20, 1968 in one take. Paul is the only performer on the track, playing drums, acoustic guitar, and providing the vocals. The song is quite repetitive, and is probably the weakest song that The Beatles recorded.

The song itself is based on a sing-along that was sung by the people who were with The Beatles on their trip to India to learn transcendental meditation with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. (Many of the songs on The Beatles were written while in India, or based on experiences from the time spent there). According to Paul, "It was just a fragment of an instrumental which we were not sure about. But Pattie Harrison liked it very much, so we decided to leave it on the album."

The lyrics:

Honey Pie,
Honey Pie,
I love you, Honey Pie.

Revolution in the Head, by Ian MacDonald

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