Will Young

Will Young is a "pop star". But he's a pop star with a difference - he was the output of a TV show named Pop Idol. 10,000 people auditioned for the show and a take-no-shit panel of judges whittled the numbers down to just 50. At this point, the British public took over to vote for the 10 that would go through to the final. The judges, particularly Simon Cowell (who called his performance "distinctly average"), slated Will, but he secured 41.5% of the vote.

Eventually, by public poll, the contestants were whittled down. We were left with two, Will and Gareth Gates. On Febuary 9, 2002, Will was announced as the winner for his rendition of The Door's "Light my Fire" after a poll which took in nine million votes.

Since winning the competition, Will Young has enjoyed a year of high-flying stardom (as has Gareth Gates). Born the 20th January, 1979 in Hungerford, England, William Robert Young studied politics at Exeter University.

The reason for Will's success is probably that the public feel a sense of connection with him because they created his stardom. Pop Idol was quite a sensation, and most people who are part of the target market for pop music were watching the program with zeal. After so much interest (and heartache for the Will fans at points when they didn't think he'd come through), they just had to go out and buy his records. Making Gareth a star was another success in this regard - everyone who was dissapointed he came second went out to buy his records to show who they thought should have won.

Will -

  • Smokes.
  • Organized college safe sex parties.
  • Says his perfect date is the Queen. He wanted to take tea with her, but upon hearing she had voted for Gareth Gates, quipped "Make that a slice of toast." No, I don't get it either.
  • Has a pierced bellybutton.


Anything is Possible / Evergreen (Single). Released 25.02.02, reached number 1 in the U.K. chart. Track listing:

  1. Anything is Possible
  2. Evergreen

Light My Fire (Single). Released 27.05.02, reached number 1 in the U.K. chart. Track listing:

  1. Light My Fire
  2. Ain't No Sunshine
  3. Beyond the Sea

The Long and Winding Road (Single, released with Gareth Gates). Released 23.09.02. Track listing:

  1. The Long and Winding Road
  2. Suspicious Minds Gareth Gates
  3. I Get the Sweetest Feeling - Will Young

From Now On (Album). Released 07.10.02. Track listing:

  1. Evergreen
  2. Anything is Possible
  3. Light My Fire
  4. Lover Won't You Stay
  5. Lovestruck
  6. The Long And Winding Road
  7. You And I
  8. Side By Side
  9. What's In Goodbye
  10. Cruel To Be Kind
  11. Over You
  12. From Now On
  13. Fineline

Don't Let Me Down / You and I (Single). Released 18.11.02, reached number 2 in the U.K. chart. There are two CDs. The track listing of the first -

  1. Don't Let Me Down
  2. You and I
  3. If That's What You Want
  4. You and I video
The track listing of the second -
  1. Don't Let Me Down
  2. You and I
  3. Ready Or Not

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