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Willo Davis Roberts was born on May 29, 1928, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She grew up there, met a man, married him, and moved to Washington state, where they had two sons and two daughters.

I can't find much information on what started Willo writing - I do know she worked various hospital jobs for eight years, which would later give her ideas for medical suspense novels.

When she was a child, Willo loved mysteries, so that's what she wrote as an adult. Her first 35 books were for adults. The View From the Cherry Tree was intended for the same audience, but her agent convinced her to market it as a kids' book, and from then on Willo has written mainly for the intermediate and young-adult market.

Willo has, so far, published 92 books, 29 of them for kids. She is a three-time winner of the Edgar Allan Poe Award. She has twelve grandchildren.


The Absolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone Park with the Terrible Rupes (No Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Guilty)

Baby-Sitting Is a Dangerous Job

Buddy Is a Stupid Name for a Girl


Don't Hurt Laurie

Eddie and the Fairy Godpuppy

The Girl With the Silver Eyes


Jo and the Bandit

The Kidnappers

Megan's Island



The Pet-Sitting Peril

Scared Stiff

Secrets at Hidden Valley

Sugar Isn't Everything: A Support Book, in Fiction Form, for the Young Diabetic

To Grandmother's House We Go

Twisted Summer

The View from the Cherry Tree

What Could Go Wrong?

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