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Mythical Tibetan Pegasus-like horse symbolizing humanity's drive towards enlightenment. Also, a form of treatment for serious psychiatric disorders in which the client (never "patient") is domiciled in a small apartment with a staff member and teamed up with a wellness nurse (to encourage better nutrition, excercise, and self-care), a psychiatrist (to supervise drug dosages and the like), a psychotherapist, and several other counselors.

Treatment emphasizes a gentle focus on the "islands of clarity" that exist in even the most disturbed psychotic states through "basic attendance" -- a focus of attention on the basic needs of the moment to provide an "uplifted" (cheerful, clean) surrounds. By seizing on these moments of clarity, humor, and relaxation, the path towards self-reliance and independant living is enabled -- the thinking of manic or schizoid states is not stigmatized as being "wrong" or "sick", to be blotted out with neuroleptics, but simply given a setting, a focus, and a useful role.

One can only hope that this kind of treatment spreads.

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