The Windows Error Lookup Guide is an attempt by JeffMagnus to turn E2 into an online help system. The Windows API, defines a set of error codes that are used by many Windows applications; however, many applications simply report the error number associated an error instead of attempting to provide any useful information. For this reason, I have decided to catalog most of the Windows error codes into the E2 system.

How can I search for an error code?

It has been my experience that most applications will report errors in hexadecimal. Usually these values will be eight digits in length and will be proceeded by the characters 0x (e.g. 0x0000106B). For this reason, I have chosen to catalog the error messages using their hexadecimal values. All node titles containing Windows error information about are of the form Windows Error identifier. So to lookup information about error 0x0000106B, one would goto the node Windows Error 0x0000106B.

What can I do if I only have the decimal identifier?

I am hoping that eventually, E2 will include the ability to search for text inside a node; however, until this feature is added, one can convert a decimal error number into its hexadecimal equivalent using the Windows Calculator. Start the Windows Calculator and place it into Scientific view using the View menu. Make sure that the radio button labeled Dec is selected. Enter your error code, for instance 4203. Now select the radio button labeled Hex. Your number will automatically be converted into hexadecimal. For instance 4203 will be 106B in hexadecimal. To look for error 106B, goto the node Windows Error 0x0000106B. Remember, you should always add enough leading zeroes to make the number eight digits long.

Why did you decide to create a node for each error message?

For several reasons actually. For one thing, it makes it easier to search for a particular error; however, more importantly, the multiple writeup nature of E2 allows others to provide additional information about particular errors. For instance, another user can provide information about problems that may have caused a particular error or how to fix a particular error in a particular application.

I realize that some users may be offended by this; however, I assure you that it is not an attempt to node for numbers. I did this because Everything is everything. I feel that the format is ideally suited for documentation, and this is an attempt to document something that is included in everything. I have other things, such as the comp.os.msdos.programmer FAQ, that I intend to integrate into E2 at some point.

Update (Jan. 19, 2001)

CGI Interface

In response to a statement by novalis, I have created a CGI interface to the Windows Error Lookup Guide. It can be reached at:


A few things have changed here on E2 in regard to the windows error nodes. There is no longer a node for every error. They have been combined into 14 nodes that each have roughly 100 error codes explained. Any commentary, poetry, or rants relating to a specific error code should be placed in the node that holds that error code.

Be sure and read JayBonci's Evaluating the usefulness of the Windows Error Lookup Guide for another perspective on the whole subject.

Editors feel free to edit this as you see fit.

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