My favorite member of the (sadly) now defunct Blood Syndicate, Hannibal White was a member of the Paris Bloods, a gang in the fictional city of Dakota. Upon his conversion to some form of Islam he took the name Wise Son. He was also the founder of the Nur ar Allah (Lamp/Light of God) sect of the Bloods.

During the incident known as the Big Bang, Hannibal, along with several other gang memebers, was exposed to a substance known as Quantum Juice or Q-Juice. It changed his cellular structure, making him almost completly invulnerable to physical harm. He has only shown a vulnerability to certain magical attacks (see Demon Fox). This change also gave him greater striking power than a normal person.

Upon the death of Tech-9 early in the seris, Wise became the second leader of the Syndicate.

Although in his only 20 in the series, Wise had a six year old son named Edmund. He also had a sister named Cornelia. He was credited as being the smartest member of the Syndicate, with a very high SAT score.

It should be noted that Wise was not quite a model Muslim, as he continued to drink, cuss and call anyone within his line of sight a bitch when the mood struck him.

The character was interesting because he had so much potential as a person, which he kept trying to live up to, combined with so many flaws that made that potential difficult to achieve.

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