A discworld Uber-villain

Wolfgang von Uberwald is the egotistic, megalomanic and genocidal brother of Angua von Uberwald, Corporal in Sergeant Vimes's City Watch. Featuring as the head of an inter-racial (vampires, dwarfs and werewolfs working together! Revolutionary!) conspiracy to destabilise Uberwald in Pratchett's The Fifth Elephant, he is the archetypical bad guy, right out of the Bond school of nasty: a youngish sadistic rogue with a blond mane, super strength and a intellect to match his physical abilities, always running around in the buff.

His views on superiority of some races match Goebbels's Propaganda, and I am pretty sure that Pratchett modeled him on the archetypical SS Ideologist.

He can be observed killing humans for fun and games and cheating at it. The rascal!.

He meets his timely demise by having his head blown off with a signalflare, beautifully thrown by (of course) nobody else but Discworlds most sarcastic and alcoholic policeman, Samuel Vimes right in the middle of Bonk, Uberwald's Capital.

And good riddance so..

Source: Pratchett, Terry: The fifth Elephant, Corgi Books, 1999

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