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The Wombles of Wimbledon were a series of long nosed bear-crossed-with-a-possom type creatures that inhabited, you guessed it, Wimbleton. They had their own show on the BBC for several years, and virtually anybody between 25 and 40 in the UK can sing their theme song. Great Uncle Bulgaria was the head of the crazed clan, with others with similar names and personalities like Orinoco (the slob womble, my personal favorite). The show, like all things retro in the UK and elsewhere, is making a comeback, as the beeb markets the hell out of it.

wombat = W = wonky

Womble, v. (wombled, wombling etc.)

1. To "make good use of the things that you find"

Taken from the much loved BBC TV series The Wombles (see The Wombles Theme Song - "Making good use of the things that we find / Things that the everyday folks leave behind" ) wombling is a non-sinister and good intentioned version of stealing. Where stealing is taking something that belongs to someone else, wombling is taking something that belongs to no-one in particular - to qualify as wombling there must be no malice and no injured parties.

Example usage:

-"That's a very unusual coffee table, where did you get it?"
-"I made it myself out of wood which I wombled from a skip up the road"

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