General History of Women's Ice Hockey

1889- According to official encyclopaedia of the NHL the first game was played in Ottawa, where the Government House team defeated the Rideau ladies team.

1892- According to the Canadian Hockey Association the first documented game was held in Barrie, Ontario, two years before the first Stanley Cup championship.

1894- At Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, a female club team - the Love-Me-Littles - is formed in defiance of the school Archbishop.

1896- Women's teams are formed at McGill University and in the Ottawa Valley.

1913- Competitions are held in the maritimes involving the Red and Blues from Halifax and the Kananites, another Nova Scotia team.

1916- An international women's tournament is held in Cleveland, Ohio, featuring Canadian and American teams.

1930s- The Preston Rivulettes, one of the greatest dynasties in Canadian sport, reign over female hockey. Between 1930 and 1939, the Rivulettes claim 10 Ontario, 10 Eastern Canadian and 6 Dominion titles.

1970s- Teams blossom across Canada. In Montreal, the Couguars and the Titans are formed and in Edmonton, the Chimos are established. Teams are also forming in Sweden, Finland, Japan, China, Korea, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. U.S. colleges varsity and club teams sprout in the Midwest and the Northeast.

1983- A Finnish national Women´s league is started.

1987- The first World Invitational Tournament is held in Mississauga, Ontario.

1990- The first IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation)-sanctioned Women's World Championship is held in Ottawa. Eight countries took part.

1991- Women's hockey is included for the first time at the Canada Winter Games in Prince Edward Island. Alberta wins gold, British Columbia wins silver and Québec wins bronze.

1992- Discussions are held on including Women's Hockey at the Olympics, possibly as early as 1994 in Lillehammer, Norway. In July, the IOC votes to add women's ice hockey to the calendar of the Winter Olympic Games events as a full medal sport starting in 2002. In November, the IIHF officially adds women's hockey to the Winter Olympic program for the 1998 Games in Nagano, Japan!

1998- Women's makes its first appearance in the Winter Olympic Games, in Nagano, Japan!

2002- Canada beat the US 3-2 in the 2002 Olympics.

Used by permission of OUWIHC

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