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"Issue: Women and the wartime draft"

Several times in our nation’s history, the national government has seen a need to draft its citizens as soldiers. Women have always been exempted from this draft. However, I believe that women should be called upon to defend their homeland, even if not all of them should be accepted.

It cannot be denied that the body of an average adult male makes a better soldier than the average adult female. Women have too many generations of specific evolution working against their size, strength, and endurance. It also cannot be denied that some women are physically very ready to fight in combat.

Not all citizens drafted are accepted into the military. Some are denied due to chronic injury or disease, and others are conscientious objectors, or pursuing a college education. Anyone physically unfit for combat is denied. Therefore, exemptions could be made available to drafted women, perhaps more so than for men. This would help ensure that only the fittest women, the ones comparable to their equally fit male counterparts, would be admitted.

In a wartime draft situation, our country should attempt to build the best army possible from the fewest number of civilians. Statistically, I think this group would contain many more men than women, but would represent the best combatants that America has to offer for its defense. Advanced technology that empowers soldiers may, in the future, eliminate the draft altogether. But until then, our government should conscript the best soldiers out of the available population, regardless of their gender.

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