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Double-U double-O double-L double-O, M-double-O, L-double-O.

Inner city suburb of Sydney, Australia. Home to naval base and the best meat pies in Sydney, at Harry's Café de Wheels.

Woolloomoolloo is an inner-city Sydney suburb. It is close to popular tourist attractions such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Kings Cross and the CBD. Its name has got twice as many double letters as Mississippi.

Working in Woolloomooloo, I am contunally asked to spell it to people when giving them out address. Often, I deal with idiots who still laugh at the word "Woolloomooloo", and I have to spell it several times, even though they've lived in Sydney for all their lives.

If I'm taking to someone I don't like, I'll sometimes give my suburb as "East Sydney", as the postcode is the same, the street I'm in goes through both suburbs, and I never need to spell it.

Woolloomooloo is one of the most fun words to pronounce (yell it out a window some random night). Here's how to do it in a local accent:


A better description:
Wooluh (like a sheep's fleece)


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