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World’s Rarest Mammals

Listed here in alphabetical order are mammals with estimated populations of less than 1000 individuals. Mammals with populations that cannot be estimated may deserve a place on this list, but are not included.

Hard-linked entries have corresponding writeups here on Everything. All others have yet to be noded.

Addax (few hundred)
African wild ass (few hundred)
Arabian oryx (~886)
Bactrian camel (~950)
Baiji (~25)
Black-faced lion tamarin (400)
Dwarf blue sheep (~200)
Ethiopian wolf (442-487)
Giant panda (~1000)
Golden bamboo lemur (~1000)
Golden-rumped lion tamarin (1000)
Greater bamboo lemur (1000)
Hairy-eared dwarf lemur (10-1000)
Hirola (300)
Hispid hare (110)
Iberian lynx (150-300)
Indus river dolphin (hundreds)
Javan rhinoceros (<60)
Kouprey (<250)
Malabar large spotted civet (<250)
Mediterranean monk seal (~500)
Northern hairy-nosed wombat (113)
Northern muriqui (<300)
Riverine rabbit (<250)
Saola (several hundred)
Seychelles sheath-tailed bat (<50)
Southern muriqui (<1000)
Sumatran rhinoceros (<300)
Tamaraw (30-200)
Tonkin snub-nosed monkey (<300)
Vancouver island marmot (at least 24)
Vaquita (~500)
Visayan spotted deer (~300)
Yellow-tailed woolly monkey (<250)

Information gathered from http://www.animalinfo.org/rarest.htm, and is current as of July 13, 2004.

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