Sales pitch of the minimum wage worker at the local mall food court. The worker will be holding a piece of chicken marinated in some sauce, and will make The Pitch. You take the chicken, eat it, and it never fails to taste really good. So you say "Yeah, I'll take that", and they proceed to serve you up a vile plate of chicken fat and gristle. It has to come from some other bin, because your sample was pretty tasty.

So, there are two modestly subversive ways to play the sample game:

  1. The Costco buffet method: Wander from eatery to eatery, taking a couple of samples from each one. Bonus points for remembering to bring a hat and moustache for twice around the horn. (The moustache is especially effective for the ladies.)
  2. The panhandler method: Avoid eye contact. Rush on by. Pretend not to speak English.

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