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The Hierarchy is a roleplaying sourcebook for the game Wraith: the Oblivion. The Hierarchy is 111 pages long, and details the history, innerworkings, and character generation of the Hierarchy.

  • Ghost Story: Verdicts 7
  • Chapter One: Introduction 13
  • Chapter Two: History 19
  • Chapter Three: Culture 55
  • Chapter Four: Archetypes 81
  • Chapter Five: Legendary Hierarchs 99
  • Appendix 105
  • The cover shows a grim man - maybe a reaper or centurion standing elevated over the rest of a sprawl of enfants(newly dead). The background is a fiery red, his face the center of the lighting.

    The back of the book reads:

    The Empire of the Dead...

    The system. The establishment. The powers that be. The Management. Since its inception, the Hierarchy has fostered an image of strength and invulnerability, power and omniscience. These are the masks through which the Hierarhy looks out upon the Underworld. These are the mirrors that reflect the faces of those who stand on the outside, looking in.

    The Keepers of the Dream!

    The Hierarchy exposes the bureaucracy of the Underworld, exploring the organization that is a character's greatest ally or worst enemy, depending on which side of the law she stands on. A must for anyone who wants to see the truth behind the masks.

    The Hierarchy is a sourcebook for Wraith: the Oblivion, and includes:
  • New information on the rich culture of the Underworld
  • A glimpse inside the Great Library of Stygia
  • Legendary Hierachs, character templates, and much more!
  • On the opening page there are 8 masks, each one corresponding to their deathlord. Inscribed in the middle on the right page lies a quote.

    Stars in your multitudes
    Scarce to be counted
    Filling the darkness
    With order and light
    You are the sentinels
    Silent and sure
    Keeping watch in the night
    Keeping watch in the night
    You know your place in the sky
    You hold your course
    And your aim
    And each in your season
    Returns and returns
    And is always the same
    -Herbert Kretzmer, "Stars,"
    -Les Miserables

    Although the book is out of print, it is still widely available on many online bookstores, and ebay. The list price is $12.00, and for the next few years it will remain a decent price.

    The book provides a great deal of information on the civilized aspect of Stygia. It can function as an enemy book for a Renegade chronicle, or as an essential guidebook to those playing as members of the Hierarchy (who will find this book essential). The Hierarchy is large and varied enough to provide for many different jobs, professions, and stories (which is detailed in the Appendix).

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