“As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods.
They kill us for their sport.”
-- William Shakespeare, King Lear

Wrath of God is a rare four mana white sorcery card from Magic: The Gathering. At the time of this noding, it has been printed in multiple sets, from its first in Limited Edition Alpha (LEA) through to its most recent in Commander's Masters (CMM) with a total of fifty-three variants, including two Secret Lair Drops (SLD). It's a safe bet that there will be more as long as new sets come out, and its name is never deemed offensive.

As of 2023-11-27, it is legal in the following formats: Modern, Legacy, Vintage. Commander, Oathbreaker, Historic, and Penny. It is banned in Explorer.

Wrath of God allows a player to play it for two generic plus two white mana. If it resolves, all creatures on the battlefield are destroyed. (Well, unless they have something like indestructible or phasing.) All creatures destroyed this way cannot be regenerated. This makes it creature removal and, at times, card advantage. At other times, one just wants to fill graveyards for some reanimation shenanigans. As it was the first card printed that destroyed all creatures, all cards with identical or similar effects are known as Wraths, a type of board wipe. Avacyn, Angel of Hope does her best to deliver a well-timed Wrath of God.

See also: Day of Judgement, Fumigate, Rout, and Kirtar's Wrath.

“Each side prayed for the gods to smite the other. In the end, all their prayers were answered."

iron noder

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