A scrolling shoot-'em-up for the Amiga, ST and PC developed by The Bitmap Brothers and initially published by Mirrorsoft in 1989. The soundtrack was a rendition of Megablast by Bomb The Bass. The game involved fighting through several levels representing (rather surreally) different time periods. Bosses included a spider, a dinosaur, a chameleon, and most famously a giant Nautilus. The game scrolled remarkably slowly, and displayed many enemies onscreen and several layers of parallax scrolling. Notable features were the trademark Bitmap Brothers metallic look, the ability to reverse the direction of scrolling to negotiate tight spots, and the elaborate weapons upgrade system. Between levels the player was presented with a shop that sold offensive and defensive items, health, and advice. The shopkeeper was a gruesomely animated chitinid (wearing a Walkman) called Crispin. One of the Bitmap Brother's most popular games, and the first to use a "proper" recording artist on the soundtrack.

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