There's so much more about you that you never let them see
You turn away
But not to me
And I know how they tried to take you
Held you up and meant to break you down
But you can't be

I remember the first time I saw you. I stared into those eyes from afar, across the room. Beauty, simply, had scared me, made my heart rush. Gears churned inside that hadn't turned for years; fear, anxiety, and that mystery of what's new. Its been forever since I've seen someone that makes me feel like you do, far too long.

For so long I tried to reach you
I know I'm almost there
I'm close enough for you to see

You've been hiding in the shadows
Have you forgotten how we used to dream?
Let me remind you
The light doesn't blind you at all
It just helps you see
Can you see?

You're always dressed up wonderfully, even for the job you have. You're always smiling, though usually quiet... at least when you're not talking to me. There's so much inside of you, a quiet pride, a silent, kind heart that always brightens my day.

And I can't be the stranger
That's been sleeping in your bed just
Turn around and come to me
I feel all the pain inside
And everything you been denied you feel
It's all you feel

I always smile, I always stare politely; but I know a bit more than just who you are. Can you tell that I've got this impossible dream in my heart? Hearing your voice, seeing how your eyes squint as you spread apart your lips, letting out that laugh that makes my heart melt.

You've been hiding in the shadows
Have you forgotten how we used to dream
Let me remind you
The light doesn't blind you at all
It helps you see
Can you see?

Sometimes you're quiet when we talk, sometimes you're just shy and a bit anxious. Such is easily seen, but I only smile knowing I see it. Perhaps I just haven't seen you down ever, or perhaps I'm just not looking for it; maybe its just hidden inside.

Brush back your hair and look around you
Feeling like the truth has found you here
You're here with me
Let love become the mirror
With no fear where you're from

And those curls just seem to have no end. Coupled with those blue almonds that glimmer like stars, the to cheer and joy that I see seems to be endless. Maybe I can rustle up enough courage to ask something personal, or maybe go out on limb and schedule something... and my heart beats at the very thought. Having you around is nothing short of amazing, and one day knowing you you want that to would only leave me twitterpated.

Yeah you have become, beautiful.

Yeah, you have. And I have this feeling you always have been, and always will.

Italicized script are lyrics from Become, by the Goo Goo Dolls.

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