An exercise in catharsis.

Things that I will never do,
that I barely even want to.
But the nightmare version of who I am
loves these pieces of forbidden plans.

To rape and murder,
torture and kill,
to drink their screams
until I've had my fill.

Cruelty at it's finest,
with my revenge served hot.
Until I hide their bodies
quietly to rot.

Were it not for my conscience
lurking in my mind,
the victims I have chosen
would very quickly find
that they have gone and fucked with
Someone not to be fucked.
Who will not turn the other cheek
after he's been struck.

Impatiently I'll dwell in hate,
but all things their proper time.
All good things to those who wait
so vengeance will be mine.

So let them stay in their beds and pray
that I remain a good boy.
Since if I change their worlds will end
quicker than they can comprehend
and I'll send them off from the world of men
lest they choose to sin again.

And I will lie in bed awake,
dreaming terrible things.
Half wishing I was a demon but
I remain a human being.

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