IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to an oversight on the part of new scientist (from whom I first heard of Podkletnov) his name has been given here as Yevgeni. Through further research I have found that it is Eugene (now if Yevgeni is Russian for Eugene then all good, if not...).

Russian emigre scientist. Kicked out of Tampere University of Technology 5 years ago over his claims about a gravity shielding device.

Interesting as he is the only person I know of to claim to have developed an anti gravity device/effect using superconductors, magnets, and very low temperatures (if anyone knows of another person to do this, sorry).

It would appear that this effect is a well documented as the Podkletnov effect, but still unproven one,, as this link may show. Who knows maybe it will work someday, maybe not.

Presently working as a researcher in superconducting materials at the University of Tampere in Finland.

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