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You better watch what you say

You better watch what you do to me



She pointed to the radio,  the first time we heard this song together.  Riding in a car,  headed across town to see a friend of a friend on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  That is the deal, she said- that is what I was trying to tell you.   I thought she was joking.  It was one of so many things I was wrong about. 

That is how it is,  she said-- you start things and you don't even know that you started them- but they are real, and once you say them they are out there,  they're loose.   

I smiled and looked over her, but she wasn't smiling and was mostly pursing her lips as if to say-

"I'm done talking about this, because you don't understand"      


It came up later,   in reference to some movie- but it was the same idea-- that guys say things to women in passing without considering the consequences. 

(Even if it was just a few pleasant words)

Only in hindsight did I see that offering hope or suggesting committment, when there was none- these are not simple things and people hear what they want to hear, even if they maybe shouldn't.    Feelings are not to be triffled with.    My default answer at the time :   I didn't mean anything by it

It was stupid then and is mostly just sad now.  

Different context, but same thing- a buddy of mine borrowed my car and backed into a brick wall.  His response- hey,  I didn't mean to do it, didn't help at the time- and six months later,  didn't help then either.   Unintended consequences are still consequences.    

I'm a little older now,  and I am a bit more judicious.  Some.  




You got lucky babe, you got lucky babe,

when I found you-Tom Petty

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