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Violence in movies is fine. After all, our children won't go out and shoot people after seeing terrorists and cowboys and space aliens shooting and stabbing each other. But if we showed them nudity... They would be tempted to go have sex. It's much better to cloak such things in taboo and not talk about them. The less our children are exposed to and educated about sex and drugs, the less likely they will be curious about these subjects and experiment.

Violence, though... Well, violence is an often useful and necessary tool that we, as a nation, need to prevent other nations from being immoral. Other nations, such as France, are very immoral, promoting sex and drugs from billboards on the streets. When we eventually go, as a military nation and moral authority, to correct this and keep the Frenchies' children safe from pornography, our kids, who will be in the trenches, will probably be glad they saw a few violent movies.

Besides, I don't know about you, but I know I would personally feel much more comfortable answering my children's questions about how much blood the human body holds and why they shouldn't hit little Suzie with a knife again, than to tell them about... ummm, sexual stuff, you know. That's just wrong.

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