That which is inside you that allows you to become consumed by what you consider the higher-ups on the food chain of tears me apart every time you make some kind of excuse and thus leave what is true and right behind to make way for what is easy.

It was all about what was easiest, wasn't it?

Why do you get so angry with me for telling you the truth? He walks all over you. You are afraid to introduce him to your friends because he might ridicule them just as he does everything else you are proud of. And yet you remain with him. I see your growing more cynical and depressed every day. I don't see what is in it for you, except maintenance of the status quo.

There is nothing more frightening than change, right?

You know your weakness. You know your inner plankton so well that I realize you have no intention of changing. You will continue to be consumed by this that there is nothing more that I can do except try to keep my mouth shut when you tell me how he hurt you again or how he lied to you again or how you no longer want to exist. You already know everything I am telling you now.

I'd take you, but...

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