The first time I met you, you taught me how to hug.

Your fingers lingered on my waist long after the embrace,

telling me that it was so I would not forget your face.

Yet you were the only one who seemed to have forgotten someone.

Because while you subtly squeezed by my friend so you could hold my hand,

there was another girl out there with whom you were more than friends.

How did she not cross your mind when you gently caressed my thigh?

Nor when we sought to ditch my friends?

How was she not brought up in conversation until I found your Facebook page?

Why was I the one that had to brooch that subject and cause the pain?

The only salvation you had was that you did not lie.

When I looked you in the eye, you told me the reality.

And somehow I still didn’t realize that I was only a pawn in your game.

When you told me you wanted me, I wanted badly to believe.

So I stopped questioning what went on in your head.

And when you called saying she was in a hospital bed,

I gladly held your hand and told you it would be okay.

No longer was I blind because you had pulled the wool over my eyes,

Now I was blinded by my own stupid lies.

And the rest of the pain that followed?

There’s only one place to lay the blame.

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