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This is a rather interesting concept album by the Flaming Lips. It was 8 songs on 4 stereo cd's for a grand total of 8 tracks. You have to play all 4 cd's at the same time to get the full effect, listening to 1 or 2 doesn't really do much. Now, this poses the first problem... Who owns 4 cd players? I don't... I got together with a friend and we got together a home stereo, a dvd player hooked up to a tv, and two boomboxes. Ideally, if you had 4 nice stereo setups in an empty room with easily movable speakers, you'd be set. Step one, try to get the timing down so they start at the same time. We started them all and then at the same time and then hit back at the count of three to send them to the beginning at the theoretical same time. Of course, some of the cd players didn't go back at the same time, so it took some trial and error, but we got it down.

Bad news, some of the tracks on the cd's aren't the same length (Note: according to discofever, the tracks are all the same length but most cd players don't play each song for the same lenth so this is where the error comes in), so get used to re-syncing it (luckily we only had to do it once, after track 3). Ok, so we listened. Wierd. They mixed it funny, so that even if you start the cd's in perfect sync, it won't be quite in sync. You get a cool echo effect. Sometimes it was a pretty neat effect, a fun room of sound, other times it was annoying. It was a lot of hassle.

As for the music, well, if you've listened to them before, you know what to expect. Except, a few of the tracks are really annoying, even for a Flaming Lips song. One of the songs featured a screeching sound all the way through that made you want to break the cd. The last song ended with some very loud and disoriented dog barking. So some of it was cool (especially the song about his girlfriends period entitled The Machine in India), and other parts were really annoying.

In summary, I laughed, I cried, I cried some more, I wanted to break the cd, I laughed again, I wept, I vomited, I crooned, I danced, I sang, and then I cried again. It's worth listening too, however I think they should re-release it on DVD Audio and cut the tracks down a bit. Oh yeah, this is out of print, so good luck. There are usually copies on eBay, or you can download the mp3's and burn them :)

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