Song titles like "I Don't Give A F*ck," "Burn, Die And F*cking Fry," "The Scent Of Sh*t" and "Worm Sty Infection" should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect from these disgusting noise-punk-grind-death mongers. In the band's own words, Abscess is "harsh, heavy, gut-twisting, ear-mauling,
vomit-inducing, noizy, insanity-soaked, piss-curdling mayhem!" I couldn't have said it better myself.

A section of an organ that has been broken down, surrounded by an area of inflammation and infection. It takes the form of a rounded capsule, and walls itself off, keeping the rest of the body from sepsis, but slowly getting the infected area worse. They are usually filled with pus.

You can have an abscess in any organ, including extremeties. Most common cases are the lungs, I don't know how rare brain abscesses are.

Lung abscesses are usually caused by the inhalation of a foreign body like a peanut or tooth that jams itself into the lung tissue and inflames it. This happens in deeply unconscious patients or people who lack a gag reflex. It can also be caused by Tuberculosis as the body tries to contain the infection, or other airborne septic material.

Sometimes surgery is needed to remove it, sometimes just antibiotics and drainage (see postural drainage). In lung cases, a bronchoscope can be used to remove whatever object exists, unless the abscess is closer to the outside of the lung.

An abscess is an infected cystic lesion formed by infection. The defining feature of an abscess is a collection of purulent fluid (pus) at the location of the infection. The most common types of abscesses are formed in the skin, and include boils, furuncles, and perirectal abscesses among others. Abscesses are generally characterized by swelling, pain, erythema (redness), and often systemic symptoms such as chills or fever.

Abscesses can form in any body structure including the brain, bones, internal organs, muscle tissue, etcetera. They are usually caused by bacteria or other microorganisms specific to the body area. Skin abscesses for example are caused almost exclusively by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus species that colonize the skin. Intra-abdominal abscesses are usually caused by organisms that live in the large intestine. The lungs can host both bacterial and fungal abcesses. More serious abscesses usually require both drainage and treatment with antibiotics to effect a cure. Superficial abscesses often drain spontaneously.

Ab"scess (#), n.; pl. Abscesses (#). [L. abscessus a going away, gathering of humors, abscess, fr. abscessus, p. p. of absedere to go away; ab, abs + cedere to go off, retire. See Cede.] Med.

A collection of pus or purulent matter in any tissue or organ of the body, the result of a morbid process.

Cold abscess, an abscess of slow formation, unattended with the pain and heat characteristic of ordinary abscesses, and lasting for years without exhibiting any tendency towards healing; a chronic abscess.


© Webster 1913.

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