The rush of excitement when doing something dangerous.. either illegal or mortally challenging. The body floats in a nether space and autopilot flips control into automatic.

Such rushing may be experienced by jumping from airplanes, shoplifting a giant chocolate bunny rabbit, smoking a joint while driving 160 kph listening to Ska, or even having sex with your boss or colleague at your workplace while others potentially could discover you (Or surveillance cameras..).

Often not pre-meditated.. a window of opportunity that opens and a quick decision is made, although the excitement of doing any such activities also leaves lingering tingles of excitement.
Kallen's list is missing a singing. I've never before felt adrenalin rush nor the real rush of any other chemical emitted by my own body without external stimulants. Nor I've ever consciously looked them after.

I was walking with my three friends (two of them were sisters to each others and I didn't know the younger one so well..) from a pub around 1:40AM towards our student accommodation halls. The younger of sisters started to sing quietly some unknown song and I guess I interrupted her because she stopped and asked me to sing instead. Well, I'm not a talented singer and I've never sung before when asked. I suppose it was the fact I knew I wont see any of these friends for a long time after that night (and sweet begging of wee sister was to blame as well..), so I surprised all of us, not least myself.

The song I knew best was Finnish punk rock song by Puhelinkoppi (Phone booth) called "Lätkärunkut" (Hockey jerks). There's only one volume when you "sing" a song like this: As loud as you can.

I built up the needed anger (you definitely need some when 'throating' punk) and gave my 2 minutes performance.
Sorry for awaking residents nearby..

After that I couldn't sleep for an hour mainly because of highly increased adrenaline level. I also felt really physically tired (just like after running) with all senses sharpened. I guess it wasn't the fear of performance or anything like that but just the intensity of it. I would make a good punk vocalist if I didn't lose my voice after that.

Btw, I wasn't drinking in the pub at all...

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