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Greek for "without words".

Also known as word blindness, alexia is the inability to read caused by a lesion in the left visual association cortex and the part of the corpus callosum responsible for carrying information between visual association areas.
Sufferers of alexia are still able to derive meaning from words spelled aloud.

Other disorders affecting cortical association areas include apraxia, agnosia, unilateral hemi-neglect, and aphasia.

A*lex"i*a (?), n. [NL.; a- not + Gr. &?; speech, fr. &?; to speak, confused with L. legere to read.] (Med.)


As used by some, inability to read aloud, due to brain disease.


More commonly, inability, due to brain disease, to understand written or printed symbols although they can be seen, as in case of word blindness.


© Webster 1913

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