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Anglicisation is the process of taking something non-English and making it English.

In the case of words this splits into two variants

  1. Words from languages which use the Latin alphabet are usually amended slightly to make them easier to pronounce to the English tongue. Therefore uisghe-bha, the Scots-Gaelic version, becomes whisky in English.
    Note that uisghe-bha actually translates to "Water of Life"
  2. Words from languages that use an entirely different alphabet are usually simply translated as closely as possible by sound. This process is usually referred to as transliteration. For example, the Japanese words used most often in English are transliteratons, such as sake, judo, Nippon or even Tokyo.

When it is not related to words, Anglicisation could mean the assimilation of something from outside into English culture, like the way that the English do their own horrible versions of American Fast-food items such as burgers.

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