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The interweb's a place of peril, hazards, traps, and snares;
it's really rather risk-reward, regarding nomenclative things!
It doesn't do to wander 'round on reddit, unawares,
when one can smoothly dodge the danger, wielding a sockpuppet's strings.

At first you make a profile for the things you want to do,
and next you make a second one to trick and hide and disinform.
You populate the fake account to make it seem it's you,
while on your main account you face the feral eyewall of the storm.

If everybody's doing it, nobody really cares;
the effort of a throwaway is worth the benefit it brings:
behind the mask of faceless anomie, each of us dares
to step outside our awkward frailty with the confidence of kings.

Unpopular opinions, then, are never quite taboo,
and no amount of prejudice will ever deal a conscience harm:
each username's identity, though false, is also true,
because we're all Nobody when we sacrifice our souls to swarm.

reQuest 2019

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